We help our clients reimagine their existing processes by leveraging on digital, robotics and balancing them with business imperatives and cost to achieve sustainable benefits.

Business Process Reengineering is designed to fundamentally change how organizations balance their key resources (People, Process and Technology) against their most pressing business challenges, transforming the core business operations for organizations through a comprehensive bottom-up approach.

Clients use our Business Process Reengineering services to reengineer processes from scratch and achieve high performance through increased revenue, improved customer service, reduced risk and cost, better manpower rationalization, faster processing time, to name a few.

We use a combination of process ownership, tailored methodologies, highly trained process delivery professionals, enabling technology and focused value capture, to accelerate implementation and enhance quality. Our global network of practitioners and experts augment their work with a robust proprietary knowledge base comprised of research, benchmarks and tools.

Examples of our Work

  • For a leading bank in India we re-engineered and digitized Retail Banking processes, thereby delivering benefits for 80% improvement in processing time, 2x improvement in throughput times, and 60-85% reduction in transactional costs along with improved compliance and control, increased employee morale, enhanced service levels
  • One of the leading banks in South Asia wished to leverage technology to reduce the time taken for personalized card issuance and also reduce the cost of card issuance at the same time. Our experts reimagined the process grounds-up and leveraged low cost technology solutions and reduced the turnaround time from 15 working days to instant issuance and yet achieved a 30% cost reduction.