We help banks and financial institutions design and implement their digital banking and digital financial service suite.

Digital banking and digital finance include a comprehensive strategy for digitization and digitalization of products, distribution channels, institutional processes and the business eco-systems.

We help institutions in their digital finance strategy, design customer centric digital finance products, plan and operationalize agent channels, and implement new age payment products. Our DFS programs offer a fine balance between customer centricity, eco-system responsiveness and business objective.

  • A large bank of South Asia wanted to respond to the growing DFS eco-system in the region. We started with designing their “play to win” digital finance strategy which could create a unique and scalable business proposition in the market. A team of DFS and banking experts have worked closely with the bank for close to a year to design, institutionalize and implement a full-blown agent banking channel leveraging an eco-system of agencies. Our Human Centric Design experts have designed a full suite of DFS products to be delivered through the channel. The DFS channel is in implementation now and is expected to increase the bank’s revenue by close to 35%.
  • Our experts have helped a leading bank of India re-design their mobile and internet banking offering. The team has also helped the bank in aligning their payment products through digital interfaces and strategize on their merchant payment products. In a span of 2 years after the launch, the bank has registered 92% increase in its mobile and internet banking usage, while merchant payments have grown by more than 135%.