We help our clients achieve return on investment in terms of time, cost and quality by developing the skills of their employees.

On average, total human capital costs are almost 70 percent of a company’s operating expenses. Despite how much employees cost, most companies do not invest enough through an employee development plan, in their human capital. We work with our clients in developing their workforce through an extensive competency gap analysis, 270 degree feedback mechanisms, assessment centres, and design and deliver the relevant interventions that are classroom, online, self- paced or time-spaced, while monitoring the implementation of learning and evaluate the results. The benefits are an engaged and motivated workforce, reduced employee turnover, increased productivity and efficiency, and a positive point of reference for customers.

  • We worked with a large Asian bank to increase the productivity of their SME relationship managers. After analysing the competency gaps, we conducted a SME Banker performance change program for a batch of 100 SME bankers. Within three months of the program this group increased their sales numbers by 40%.
  • We worked with a bank in South Asia to develop the sales & leadership competencies of the entire distribution channel consisting of branch managers, business development officers, regional managers, and SME relationship managers. The group saw an average increase of ~22% in volume in a six month period post training.