We help our clients identify and protect their business interests from the ever increasing cybersecurity threats

We are in the Digital era more than ever. No financial institution today can manage without the use of alternate digital channels. And this opens them up to threats from the virtual world that not only can compromise its customers but can also be debilitating enough to cause a shutdown of the business. New kinds of threats emerge every day and this makes it even more difficult to plan, even though there are numerous technology solutions that promise to be panacea for such threats. The portfolio of solutions is so vast and expensive that the cost of compliance can make the business itself unviable. Processes around risk mitigation can be a major inconvenience to users and consumers spoiling the experience, as also slow down the agility that business requires. Unaware or untrained staff as well as consumers may thus end up opening doors for fraudsters and hackers to benefit at your expense.

Cybersecurity solutions require a fine balance of people, processes and technologies to mitigate the risk of such threats. However even more than that it requires a very thorough understanding of business itself to arrive at the optimal mix of risk mitigation. We help our clients find that perfect balance and help them with cybersecurity strategy and frameworks which enable them to take informed decisions regarding cybersecurity. We also help our clients with cybersecurity risk assessments.

Examples of our Work

  • A nationally important mission critical organisation wanted to review its security holistically. We led the end to end revamp of its information security architecture. We helped the organization make decisions and implement controls starting with the basics like data classification to the implementation of most advanced tools.