We help our clients optimize working capital and reduce supply chain risk.

We have seen that failed SCF programs usually have the inability to onboard SMEs at scale as the number one reason, closely followed by the inappropriate business operating model. Our teams use these two as the starting point in building SCF programs, such that these learning are woven into each and every aspect of the SCF program. We also provide an out of the box ready to use digital platform, and program manage the technology angle, which is again another fault line with most SCF programs. By doing so, we are able to deliver the fastest digital SCF implementations. Our SCF programs very clearly demonstrate positive ROI for our clients and are amongst our most sought-after programs.

Examples of our Work

  • We designed digital SCF programs simultaneously for four banks in a country. This was the first time for any bank to do SCF in a programmatic manner. We were able to get all four banks to go live within the year with the fastest go-live being within five months.
  • We assisted a bank in designing their SCF program to encompass – Factoring, Payables Finance, Distributor Finance and Pre-Shipment finance. We then assisted them in signing multiple large Anchors and in providing access to over 50,000 SME borrowers under the program.