We help our clients leverage Information Technology across to transform and drive business

IT spends are amongst the largest non- human capital expense in financial institutions and this spend seems to keep increasing every year. Even after these huge spends the users and consumers are rarely satisfied. The rapidly evolving IT landscape presents significant challenges to business leaderships in terms of the cost, time, benefit trade-off. We help businesses deal with such challenges using our holistic 360-degree frameworks that put business first. Broadly speaking every enterprise wants IT to be better, faster, cheaper and now safer. But to articulate some specific dilemmas that we help resolve

  • Do we have an IT strategy that is aligned with business strategy?
  • Does our IT governance framework ensure right decision making in the organization?
  • Are we investing enough in technology? Are we investing in right direction? Are we going to be hit by IT trends that we missed out? Is our IT ready for agile business? Is IT ready for rapid changes in product, services, scale, geographies, business models? Or is it going to become a hurdle?
  • Are we overinvested in IT? Are we paying too much for what we get? How do we measure the value that IT is generating? How can we reduce operating expenses and reinvest in future instead?
  • Is our IT architecture agile, open, flexible, scalable, and secure?
  • How do we minimize breakages, incidences and downtimes?
  • Do we know the risks we run due to IT? How do we minimize IT risk – Disaster Recovery, Information Security, Cybersecurity, Operational risk?
  • Is IT organization structured right? Do we have right number of people in right jobs?
  • How do we use IT innovatively?
  • How do we improve our ability to execute projects?