We help our clients design and execute their employee and customer digital journeys to improve net promoter scores, reduce friction and increase profits.

Banks with their legacy systems and processes designed around those systems are usually grappling with the ever-sophisticated demands from their customers and employees. These customers are using amazing digital products in the non-finance space and have started demanding the same level of frictionless digital experience when it comes to banking. In our Digital Transformation program, we define the key customer journeys and reimagine them from the front to the back. This is again a multi-disciplinary program which requires our varied expertise to deliver the program from design to implementation. This program could be as small as for a few specific customer journeys or cover the entire bank.

Examples of our Work

  • We partnered with one of the largest Banks in an Asian country and developed a roadmap of various digital initiatives. This involved the launch of new products and services across the bank’s Retail business along with reaching out to a new Women’s segment. There were numerous projects that revolved around reducing the friction across the key customer journeys to save on time and money. During the first 12 months post the project the Retail business grew at 25% against the previous three-year CAGR of 4%.
  • We assisted a large indian bank in digitizing their liability account opening and onboarding process. This resulted in savings of ~4500 manpower days